13 Powerful Before & After Pictures
and Testimonials from Boot Camp Participants


Success Story: Laurie has gone from 250 lbs. to 151.4 lbs.!

Dear Jonathan,

I have joined the "summer clothes donation team". In fact, I am in for Spring, Winter and Fall, too!

I have thrown away anything that does not fit and is not usable, anyway. And given away 2 large trash bags full of clothes, and in fact I have a small hill in my bedroom now that needs to be given away!

I am having a seamstress take in the classics that my husband and I love, so that they fit me NOW! I have
gone to thrift stores to find things that fit my new image.

Instead of slouchy clothes I now wear classic looks. Instead of a 22-24 size clothes I USED to wear, I just
bought a new (to me) size 8 jeans! Instead of 250 on the scales, it is now 151.4!

I have been working seriously for almost 2 years. I exercise regularly at the near by health club. I take brisk walks at work, and love to walk with my son. I drink water, and I make smarter choices.

I had a phone conversation with you at one time, and you asked why I wanted to lose weight. I told you I wanted to be around to see my Grandchildren get married. I wanted to be healthy.

My doctor was impressed last year, but he has not seen me yet this year (soon). I think that this will knock his
socks off.

Thanks for all you have inspired me to be!

Laurie H.


Boot Camp Success – I dropped 80 pounds in 9 months

In September of 2013 I fell to my knees and cried out to God that I needed help losing weight for good. I was 46 years old, 5’5” and 228 pounds with five kids between 5 and 13. The stress of my husband being an entrepreneur, along with him living 3 hours away and commuting home on weekends, was taking its toll.

When we met at 13 I’d had a slender, athletic body. Then life happened fast and the pounds came on with each child. I felt like a prisoner in my own body. I’d race through a store, ashamedly grabbing “fat lady clothes” off the rack, size 18 or greater. I hated myself and was irritated with life. Sugar and caffeine gave me fake bursts of energy, only to
fall deeper into despair and brain fog as the sugar high gave way to crashes that made me want to hide in bed and
escape the world.

I was too ashamed to go to the gym, and had worried family members politely suggesting liposuction. I was
sincerely hopeless.

Then the prayer… Days later I saw a Flylady email touting losing 20-30 pounds in 12 weeks. Something about it gave
me a glimmer of hope and promise.

The idea of not needing to drive to a gym, not needing any equipment and, I was to learn, not even shoes or a bra
sometimes☺, meant such freedom. And this all for an affordable price that wouldn’t set us back if it was another failed attempt, meant I had nothing to lose. So I signed up and did my first workout. Wow - it was actually fun, encouraging and do-able. Oh those stretches felt so good! So too the rush of endorphins to muscles long overlooked! I was actually looking forward to the next workout! I was doing this without pain!

Was that me feeling proud wearing yoga pants like other fit moms? Was that me smiling playfully with my children, willing to tickle them on the floor? Was that me feeling flirty with my husband? Was that workout really done in the amount of time it would have taken me just to drive to the gym?

And the big reveal…was that me not afraid to get on the scale because, as I focused on one Wellness Secret at a
time the scale actually started moving down an astonishing 2-4 pounds per week and the tape measure got smaller!!

Prior to Online Boot Camp, I’d find myself mentally quitting any fitness routine I tried before I even started, overwhelmed at the thought of endless physical exertion with no clear map to a goal.

But Boot Camp Hub gives us our “own” personal trainer, within a community, at the touch of a button, anytime
day or night. Though we’re in control, they guide, lead, motivate, train, teach and encourage us to
improve our lives.

I never want to miss a day’s workout, so I gladly do at least a Timesaver Workout each day – just 20 minutes! On trips, in hotels, at midnight, whenever – I need my fix! Following the coaches’ advice, I started respecting my body and its cues, and watched new muscle tone replace fat. I drank more water and realized I was often just thirsty! I replaced dessert with yogurt and swapped beer for hard cider.

As my endorphin rush came from quick workouts, I noticed my appetite diminish and desire to snack on sugar change to wanting quality protein. I crowded out fake food with real. I gave myself permission to
sleep more.

I love how the coaches remind you it’s not about perfection or striving, but the journey in the “I’m human club.” It draws me back every time, even when I slip up, and gives me no reason to quit. Over the course of nine months I lost more than 80 pounds and made it to my “mental goal weight” of 148! It’s the first time I’ve honestly stuck with
an exercise regimen and loved it!

My friends and family are inspired; I tell everyone about Online Boot Camp because anyone can do it. Oh the joy of a happy body, clear mind, and spring in my step as I again enjoy life and my family in stride – wow!

I’m no longer ashamed to be seen in public; I feel like I belong! To the Boot Camp Hub Team – you’ve helped give me back my life, passion, optimism and zest for living.

If I can lose 80+ pounds and enjoy easy, daily workouts, how much more can anyone accomplish that! You can

Boot Camp really does give you the toolkit to accomplish your goals and maximize your life. I’m now a 12-month
subscriber and look forward to being a lifelong member because I truly can’t imagine my life and figure without
Boot Camp Hub.

Thanks for sharing your incredible vision for overcoming and winning with us!
- Trish K.

Online Boot Camp Success - I’ve lost 75 pounds!

Hi Jonathan,

This week, I met my goal weight. Was it easy? Was it fast? No way! It took time, hard work, and perseverance.

When I first started with No Excuses and Jonathan, I wanted a quick fix and was impatient. I jumped in with fitness and exercise. That was phase one for me.

There were fits and starts, and I definitely had periods of slacking off, but gradually I found the workouts that fit me best and I made them a part of my life.

But nutrition was always a sticking point. It took a long time to find the right way of eating, for me, and to make it a sustainable, lifetime way of living. During that time there were many plateaus and frustrations.

During this journey I also had numerous personal and physical setbacks, with four surgeries. I kept at it and I think it even made me more determined to win. Boot Camps and help from Jonathan really helped me to turn the tide toward my goals.

Now, I am very fit and I feel GREAT! More like a million bucks! Fit and healthy beats skinny and out of shape, hands down. I want to be around a long time to enjoy life with my family and I am so grateful to have the tools to help make it a reality.

Knowing that Jonathan was there to support me when I needed help was an incredible motivator and enabled me to take control of my health and my future.

I learned how valuable I was as a person—even if an emotionally abusive spouse didn’t think so. That relationship officially ended this week and I am now ready to start the rest of my life!

I’ve lost 75 pounds, and went from size 16 to 4. I encourage everyone to not give up! Slow and steady wins, and you WILL get there!

With immense gratitude to Jonathan and all of the team for taking me through this journey,


Jonathan here: You are so gutsy to have fought throughthe tough times and come out on top Rita. NOW is Your Time so keep on rocking!


Boot Camp Success: My family and children are worth it!


I have had a very long Weight Loss Loss Journey with Many Ups and Downs along the way. Both of my parents were overweight and they have both passed away as a result of health issues.

My mother passed in 2006 and was a smoker and diabetic and also had cancer. My mom's main cause of death was a Massive Heart attack.

My father passed away in 2009 and was overweight and had many health issues. His Diabetes took his life.

Weight has been a constant struggle of mine my entire life. At 145 in 8th grade I was given a hard time and when I graduated High School I was 155.

I was never given the tools or shown that eating healthy and exercising was a way of life. I always had to try it on my own and never stuck to it and failed every time.

In June of 2006 I found myself at my highest weight I had ever been. After 4 children and the death of my mother when my youngest daughter was only 3 weeks, I topped the scales and 230lbs.

I tried exercising again using different plans and support but they were never enough, or my support at home would sabotage, make rude comments, or other things so I would give up. In 2008 I made changes in my life and I started a program under the direction of a Doctor and Dropped my first 41 pounds, moved with me and my children, and was able to keep it off for years.

In March I started my first Online Boot Camp and I learned so many tools and all of the coaches are so great. Each one of them has an AMAZING heart and a huge passion to help you succeed in any way they can.

The tools that I have learned have become a way of life. I remember the days that I did not want to get out of bed because I was so tired, or depressed, or because my Fibromyalgia.

Since I have been in Boot camp, my energy has increased dramatically, I can keep up with my children a lot better, I'm hardly ever in pain with my Fibromyalgia anymore, and my mood is A TON better.

I have learned not to listen to my negative voice (Coach Jonathan), Know that I am Worth it (Coach Stephanie), and to find Joy in the Journey, or live with Joy, live with Passion, and Don't forget to smile, (Coach Erik).

I have watched my 16-year-old daughter following in the same footsteps as I did at that age, but I was a lot more active and was trying to be very healthy. Now with the tools I have and the lifestyle change I have made, I feel confident that the continued work, and model I am being to my children will pay off and break this cycle.

I have 4 girls and 4 boys (3 are step sons) that I can show and give these tools too. My greatest motivations have been not wanting to end up like my parents, watching my brothers head in the same direction with obesity, smoking, and diabetes, and especially to be here for my children and to teach them what I never learned.

Thank you all so very much for the love and support you not only show me, but all of the other boot camp team members! You are all wonderful and amazing! I wouldn't be where I am today without the help and encouragement I have received from all of you.

You have changed my life and the life of many others!

All my Love,



Online Boot Camp Success - I'm down 45 lbs & 65 inches


Hi Jonathan!

Here are my "Before" and "During" photos. I can't bring myself to call it "After" because that implies that this journey will someday be completed.

The journey that I'm on right now with No Excuses Boot Camp and how I feel, I don't ever want it to end!

Anyhow, looking at the photo taken in January 2010, I recognize the face and the smile, but I no longer
recognize that life.

I was exhausted, embarrassed and ashamed of myself. I didn't feel like I had the time, energy, or knowledge
to take care of myself in a loving way.

Fast forward to now. I have been doing Boot Camp for a year and a half and have 2 Wellness Retreats under my belt. I am in love with exercising and how it makes me feel! You coaches make it so fun!

I am (mostly) eating food to fuel my body and am in love with my life! I feel abundant joy and gratitude

I have much more growth ahead of me and am so proud to be taking the steps to get there. Did I mention I'm having a good time? ;)

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! You are stuck with me forever!

And because I know you love the numbers, I'm down 45 lbs and more than 65 inches!

Jen in Seattle


Online Boot Camp Success: I’m down from a tight size 16 to a loose 12!


Hi Coach!

I feel like the classic tortoise and the hare story! I’ve surrendered quick fixes and just keep showing up to my Boot Camp assignments and encouragements.

So, so grateful to the program! I will keep on this journey because I can fit it in to my lifestyle!

I am down from a tight size 16 to a loose 12 and halfway to my goal weight!

Thank you, thank you, thank you all!



Online Boot Camp Success: Down 30 pounds!


Hi Jonathan,

Back in the dark days of January of 2013, when I signed up for Online Boot Camp 12, this is a post that I could never have expected posting:


As of this morning's weigh in, I have lost 30 pounds. I'm sitting here with my coffee, shaking my head. I am so delighted. I am finding joy in the journey. I have a good and positive wind in my sails.

Anyone who is on the fence about committing to No Excuses Boot Camp, just show up. Meet yourself where you are. Don't invite your negative voice - she's never done you any favors.

Take the support that is so abundant in Boot Camp and let it propel you forward. I am grateful for it everyday!

Jonathan you are completely right - this flat out works!


Online Boot Camp Success: Down 42 pounds & 60 inches!


Hi Jonathan,

I can't thank you and all the coaches enough for providing me with the tools to change my life
for the better!

I have always wanted to live a "healthier" life but never knew where or how to start. My negative voice gave me every reason and excuse to avoid taking ownership of my health. As a result I never took the time or put forth the effort to better myself.

I could not be more pleased with the results since starting Online Boot Camp. Since joining Boot Camp nine months ago I have lost 42 lbs. and 60 inches.

I have never felt stronger, healthier, and had more energy in the past 15 years.

Boot camper forever,



Online Boot Camp Success: I’ve lost 100 pounds and 64 inches!

Hi Jonathan,

I started No Excuses Online Boot Camp back in July 2012.

I want to continue living this healthy lifestyle because I feel amazing!

I’m am now one of those active, healthy people I used to see and wonder where they got all their energy. I started
out as an exercise loather and now I whole-heartedly call myself a runner!

I have lost 100 pounds and 64 inches!

I have been happier these past couple of years than I’ve ever been and I keep revealing a better me with each Online Boot Camp experience.

I can mpe look at my body kindly and lovingly because, as Coach Erik says, my weight loss journey has been
an inside job.

Not only have I lost 100 pounds, but I have also lost a ton of emotional weight throughout this boot camp process.

I love doing the inspiring workouts with the coaches 6 times a week, I nourish my body without weighing or measuring my food or counting calories, and I do the mental/emotional work that the daily missions, written assignments, and the coaches’ words inspire within me.

I’m not perfect – there is zero expectation of perfection in Online Boot Camp – but I have embraced this program as my way of LIVING.

I have been receiving compliments on how good I look, but the biggest compliment was when a friend admired
how positive and forgiving I had become and she wanted to be more like me.

Online Boot Camp has not just been a weight loss program for me; it has been a healthy, happy, supportive, and loving lifestyle.


With much love and gratitude,


Jonathan here: Congratulations Laurie! Dropping 65 pounds and 48 inches is Rock Star status but tapping
into the high-energy, feel truly remarkable version of yourself that you deserve to be is Amazing!


Online Boot Camp Success: Down 35 pounds & 32 inches!


Hi Jonathan,

I have spent the last 15 months working the boot camp program and embracing a new lifestyle.

Here is a list of some amazing changes I’ve experienced through the process:

  1. I started boot camp in April 2012 and I cannot imagine life without it. I can count on my hands the number of scheduled workouts I have missed. I LOVE to exercise and the way it makes me feel.
  2. I have lost 35 pounds and 32 inches since 4/2012 and I no longer have fear of the weight coming back on. My body is strong and I have energy to keep up with my kids. (Total weight loss since 2010 = 80 pounds)
  3. I have gone from "borderline" on my cholesterol levels to "optimal".
  4. I have learned to love and respect my body. I have let go of counting calories, points and restricting diets.
  5. I have utilized phone coaching, boot camp radio shows and thoughtful written assignments to help me fight through challenges, plateaus and stay optimistic. I’ve been documenting evidence and working my transformation from the inside.
  6. I have embraced the role of chief wellness officer for my family and my husband and kids are truly following my lead.
  7. I have always dreamed of being a runner and I have successfully completed 4 5Ks, a 10K and participated in a RAGNAR Relay so far. I have several more events scheduled this year. I am an athlete.
  8. I have control over my negative voice and have learned how to turn it around. I have filled my life with positive people, experiences, content, music, dancing and so much more!
  9. I have an amazing power team consisting of coaches, teammates and family members that genuinely support me and want to help me succeed.
  10. I continue to receive the greatest compliments about my confidence and happiness.

I owe so much to the boot camp program. I am grateful for the amazing No Excuses way of life.

I cannot thank you enough.

Enjoying my journey,


Boot Camp Success - From stressed & exhausted to 40 pounds down!


Hey Boot Camp Coaches,

I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks to you guys and a bit of an encouragement to the rest of the boot camp teammates.

In November 2012, I joined Online Boot Camp 11. I was at the end of my rope. Tired. Completely Stressed Out. Exhausted. Ready for Change.

As a wife to an amazing husband, mom to two incredible little boys, and a small business owner, none of these things were serving me well. So I jumped in with both feet, and this is key, I just “trusted”.

See with my Bachelors of Science in Human Movement and Health, it was easy for me to trust in the physical aspects of Online Boot Camp. Interval training and strength training made perfect sense. I knew that they
would work.

The mental game was harder for me, but I trusted.

When Jonathan said, "Just keep showing up!" I did. When Steph said, "You are worth it!" I started to believe. When Erik said, "I'm blowing wind in your sails." I embraced it. I calmed my mind and released my tense muscles with Mahmoud.

I just kept putting one foot in front of the other. Showing up. Doing my best. Taking on one habit at a time. Putting in the work.

Was it always easy? No. The last seven months of my life, I've had some major life challenges. Life handed me plenty of excuses to quit, but I didn't.

All these small steps have added up. Big Time.

I'm down 40 pounds and 34 inches! I feel great and have so much more energy. I'm stronger. On the outside and Inside. :0)

Boot Camp truly does work when you work the program. So if you are on the fence about the next upcoming Boot Camp, don't delay. Beautiful things await.

Thank you for all the support, encouragement, and tools so that I can continue to become my best me!

With the fullest of hearts,



Testimonial: Down 50 pounds since joining Online Boot Camp!

Hi Jonathan,

After many years of continued weight gain through life and the loss of my wonderful husband, I gained a desire to lose weight in November of 2012 and found Online Boot Camp through the FlyLady.

Why not give it a try? Not only have I lost 50 pounds and 38 inches, but I have gained a new approach on life. It's no longer just about weight loss, it's about being joyful again and finding my true happiness.

I don't remember feeling this excited about life in many years!

I look forward to what I can accomplish today and finding what makes me happy. I've refocused my mind on the things I'm grateful for and constantly removing the negativity.

The coaches are amazing and I know that they DEEPLY and TRULY CARE about every one of us! Reach out to them and reach out to your team, we are all great support for each other!


Testimonial: I’ve lost 21 pounds and 18 inches and kept it off!


Hi Jonathan,
Wow, where do I begin? I just got done crying from happiness. You see, the picture on the left was in Cancun from
December and I was in a total place of happiness because of Online Boot Camp and Jonathan, Erik and Stephanie, that I honestly didn’t notice my weight.

I learned through Boot Camp to change the inside and your thoughts, and the rest will fall into place and follow. Boy did it ever! I just got done crying because I guess I didn’t really realize my transformation until I put these pictures side by side.

I had learned to love myself for who I was and to accept myself just the way I was, and to be perfectly
imperfect. I was living that.

Since Boot Camp 11 started in November of 2012, I have lost 21 pounds and 18 inches and kept it off!
I can’t believe it.

I have not been “perfect” at all, but just “lived in happiness” and kept my head in the game and kept
getting back up if I fell down.

My entire being has changed, inside and out and I owe it all to Jonathan, Erik and Stephanie choosing the paths they have in their lives. I am so grateful they have crossed mine!

Thank you coaches from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me and my life.