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Why Boot Camp Hub?

13,000 Participant
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The Science of Boot
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Medical Review &

Intervals Gaining
Media Awareness

“The initial conditioning stage
should include a warm-up
(10 to15 minutes), moderate intensity aerobic activities
(40% - 60% of HRR) in an
interval format...”

- American College of Sports Medicine Exercise Guidelines, Seventh Edition, 2006






A fitness and weight loss plan based on each member's health status, goals
and schedule.

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Online Boot Camp:

  • Online Boot Camp offers members the ability to drop 8-24 pounds in 8 weeks with no dieting or long workouts.
  • All fitness levels are welcome (even if a person hasn’t worked out in years).
  • There are 12 live streaming workouts per week and 900 unique recorded workouts.
  • The quick, fun and simple workouts are 20-30 minutes requiring no equipment.
  • Members receive a Personalized Exercise Plan using our two interval training patents (the member inputs data and the plan continually evolves the workouts based on the individual).
  • Members receive a Personalized Meal Plan (including recipes and shopping lists) that is targeted to their health status and individual preferences (Weight Loss, Diabetic, Vegetarian, etc.).
  • Members will soon receive a Personalized Motivation Plan (based on the Science of Behavioral Change) that is targeted based on their readiness to change in regards to both nutrition and exercise.
  • There is a Weekly Radio Show and there are 2 Live Weekly Cooking Shows with our nutrition coaches.
  • Six coaches support and motivate the members every step of the way.
  • The Private Online Community is a key part of our member’s experience and is a safe and supportive environment that creates a “family” vibe.

Our typical member:

  • Our average Online Boot Camper is a 48 year old female who is focused on losing 44 pounds (trying to go from 188 pounds to 144 pounds).
  • Our Online Boot Campers range in age from 16 to 84.
  • Our members range from individuals preparing for their first 5K, 10K or Half Marathon to members who are over 300 pounds (we currently have 10 participants who started at over 300 pounds – one at 426 pounds).
  • Our typical member has tried every diet and fitness program imaginable and has not been able to lose the weight for good. We help her see that controlling her inner-dialogue (whether she listens to her Positive Voice or her Negative Voice) is more important than exercise or nutrition.

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