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“This is the No. 1 issue for many CEOs. Health-care costs are going so rapidly. Society can’t afford it.”
John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, Inc.

"For every $1 dollar an employer spends on wellness programs they can expect a $3 to $6 return on their investment" - Hewitt Associates





Are you ready to actively promote and track positive health
and lifestyle changes among your employees?

Corporate wellness employeesBreakthrough Health & Wellness Solutions has created Online Boot Camp for employer groups who want to:

• Reduce health insurance costs
• Improve overall employee health
• Reduce number of sick days
• Increase employee productivity

Our proprietary and innovative program addresses directly the need to change unhealthy lifestyles that account for over 75% of health care costs.*
rising health insurance costs

Our Corporate Wellness Model is a pay for performance program where you only refund the cost of Online Boot Camp for employees who successfully complete the program. Completion of the program leads to an estimated $4 return per $1 invested in Year 1 and larger ROI from Year 2 forward!

Breakthrough’s combination of science, technology, personalization and coaching make it the most unique fitness and weight loss offering in the industry. We believe that personalization (exercise, nutrition and motivation) is the key to sustainable transformation.

Personalized Exercise:

  • Each member receives a personalized exercise plan using Breakthrough’s two Interval Fitness Training Patents (“Interval Fitness Training” Patents #7,641,592 and #7,981,002).
  • Our patented software personalizes an individual’s interval workouts based on their health status, goals and schedule. Members then give feedback to the software after each workout and the software increases or decreases the difficulty of their next workout. As a result, the Personalized Exercise Plan continually evolves with each member.
  • Our software aggregates the data (workouts, weight loss, BMI reductions and estimated health insurance reduction) for reporting purposes.

Personalized Nutrition:

  • Each online Boot Camper receives a personalized meal plan including recipes, shopping lists, and optional calorie counting. Each member can choose from six types of meal plans (Heart Healthy, Weight Loss, Balanced, Diabetes, Vegetarian or Gluten-Free).

Personalized Motivation:

  • Breakthrough has partnered with the leading expert on the Science of Behavioral Change (Dr. James Prochaska). Dr. Prochaska’s 6 Stages of Behavioral Change are used by the American Cancer Society, AA and many of the National Institute of Health’s Behavior Modification Programs.
  • Our software will identify the stage of change for each member and then customize communication based on their readiness to change.
  • Utilizing personalized motivation based on the stages of change has proven to result in higher success rates for people trying to attain health and wellness goals. As a member moves through each of the progressive stages of change, they increase the likelihood of reaching sustained behavioral change by 14% with each stage move.

Engagement Model:

  • Our unique engagement model focuses on personalized small steps of change that abandons the all-or-nothing approach to weight loss. This allows participants to commit to their health and well-being more easily for long term success.



  • Our software has the ability to aggregate user data (weight loss, BMI and estimated health insurance reductions) for reporting purposes. The ability to capture this data provides transparency and accountable ROI tracking that is missing in so many of today's health and wellness programs.

  • "Interactive online programs focused on behavior modification can improve outcomes. Overweight and obese employees who completed this type of program were 44% more likely to lose weight and lost 63% more weight than employees who either did not participate or did not finish the program."
    - OptumHealth (UnitedHealth Group's wellness division)

See our 13,000 Participant Case Study to see how we have achieved
the following results:

  • 83% Adoption Rate
  • 32% Engagement Rate
  • 40% Success Rate

Contact us today to learn more.

*Health, United States, 2006; U.S. Department of Health and Human Services; www.cdc.gov/nchs/hus.htm